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Established in 2001, Northstar is located in Houston, Texas.  For over 20 years, we have been serving the industrial and commercial clients through-out the Southeast Texas and surrounding areas.

Northstar is organized to handle your critical equipment service needs all in one place without having to out source key activities.  This allows Northstar to respond rapidly to get you back on-line quickly and efficiently.

Northstar's facilities include:

- Electric motor repair shop, UL approved.

- Mechanic shop, equipped with multiple cranes ranging from 20 to 3 tons, 25ft under the hook.

- Machine shop, equipped with various size lathes and mills, including a 80" swing vertical mill and 5" horizontal boring mill. 

- Fabrication shop, ASME U & R Stamp approved, equipped with 300 ton press brake.

Northstar's technical staff include:

- Mechanical and electrical engineers.

- Electrical motors and controls technicians.

- Pump technicians.

- Diesel engine mechanics.

- Certified welders.


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