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Northstar is UL approved service center for explosion proof electric motors and generators.  Northstar is an authorized service shop for  US Motors, Baldor, Marathon, Toshiba, Teco-Westinghouse and WEG.


With experienced technicians Northstar is able to:


  • Service AC motors upto 2500HP @ 4160V.

  • Service DC motors upto 1750HP with 500V over the armature.

  • Rewind stators using random or form wound windings.

  • Re-rate electric motors for different applications.

  • Modify electric motors frames.

Northstar's capabilities include:​ 

VPI is a standard process for all new windings
All DC Motors are load tested prior to shipment
  • CNC winding machine

  • 8' x 12' VPI epoxy insulation tank

  • 8' x  8' x 12' temperature controlled burn-out oven w/event recorder

  • 10' x 12' x 12' curing oven

  • Seismic isolated test pad

  • 1000AMP AC test panel, 460 - 4160V

  • 1000AMP DC test panel

  • Dynonameter

  • Baker D12 & 15R test instruments

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