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At Northstar, we support you in the shop and in the field.  

As a complete service provider, Northstar provides Field Services to meet your operational demands.  Our services include:


  • Predictive Maintenance Programs,

  • On-line equipment condition monitoring,

  • Bearing lubrication programs,

  • Vibration monitoring/analysis,

  • Oil analysis,

  • Thermal imaging evaluation,

  • Ultra sonic flow monitoring,

  • Laser alignment,

  • Field machining,

  • Cooling Tower System Optimization,

  • Generator maintenance program,

  • Diesel fuel tank cleaning and reconditioning.

Northstar's capabilities include:

  • Millwrights, diesel engine technicians, generator technicians, pumps technicians, electric motor technicians, fitters & welders.

  • Mechanic Service Trucks - Equipped with cranes, compressors, and welding machines.

  • Service Trailers - Equipped with fuel/oil cleaning systems, fresh oil and used oil bins, used supplies bin.

  • Mobile Welding Rigs - Equipped with leads, torches, pipe stands, etc.

  • Specialized Equipment - Laser alignment, vibration analyzer, on-line equipment monitoring, off-line electric motor analyzer, thermal imaging camera, etc. 

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