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Northstar is an ASME U & R stamps code shop.  We can design and manufacture various production equipment quickly and economically.  


Our integrated approach allows us to provide turn-key solutions to your production and processing needs.  From design, fabrication and packaging to installation and startup, Northstar can provide a reliable solution for your production needs.   We offer a wide range of production equipment for the Oil and Gas industry such as:

  • Double walled Containment tanks with leak detection.

  • Heater treater (Horizontal or Vertical).

  • Heat exchangers.

  • Solid control systems.

  • Slurry pump units.

  • Transfer pump units.

  • Triplex Injection pump units.

  • Mud pump units.

  • Sand Separators (Horizontal or Vertical).

  • Sludge removers.

  • Sump tanks.

  • Gas lift & Reinjection units.

  • Gas compressor units.

  • LACT Skids

By working closely with our customer’s and leveraging our integrated capabilities, we are able to provide our customers with high quality and reliable products quickly and economically.

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