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Northstar’s inline magnetic filters/scrubbers are designed to remove large and fine metal and non-metal contaminants from liquids, powders and other bulk material.  Key benefits of magnetic filter/scrubbers are:

  • Able to capture particles as small as 30 microns.

  • Easy to maintain.

  • Eliminate the need filter cartridges.

  • Consistent performance.


Magnetic filters are manufactured using staggered magnetic bar arrangement to assure full exposure of products to the residing magnetic field, while making cleaning quick and easy.


The units can be used in many applications where particulates need to be removed to maintain product quality and/or system integrity such as pipeline, lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, bulk storage, food processing and many more. 


Northstar can manufacture these filters/scrubbers configured for your application and requirements.  Whether you need filters to keep your equipment operating trouble free or maintain product specifications, Northstar can help.
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